After Hours GP Helpline:
Bio: This organisation offers a nurse on call that can arrange to have a GP call you back and provide medical advice on your situation.
Contact Number: 1800 022 222


Nurse on Call:
Bio: This service is available 24 hours a day every day of the year, they can offer great advice on what to do if you’re unsure about something and can offer other services in your area, they will ask for some basic information at the start of the call which is kept confidential and not given out to anyone.
Contact Number (24/7): 1300 606 024


Local Hospital, Castlemaine Health:
Bio: The local hospital offers 24/7 emergency support, and can cater to general health concerns outside of standard business hours.
Contact number: 5471 3555
Address: 142 Cornish Street, Castlemaine.


Local GP clinics below


Botanical Gardens Health:
Contact number: 5472 1844,
Address: 137 Cornish Street Castlemaine.


Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic:
Contact Number: 5472 3233,
Address: 64 Lyttelton Street Castlemaine.


Your Health Place Medical Centre:
Contact Number: 5472 5066
Address: 63 Elizabeth Street Castlemaine.


Mostyn Street Clinic:
Contact Number: 5472 1255,
Address: 11 Mostyn Street Castlemaine.