Headspace Bendigo:
Bio: This organisation offers a range of services and information including supporting people who are experiencing mental health issues, they also have great information online about sexual safety and maintaining positive relationships.
Contact number:5434 5345
Address: 78-80 Pall Mall, Bendigo


Bio: This organisation offers great support services, however they also supply a database of resources for all people especially those that are LGBTQIA+


Sexual Health Clinic Bendigo:
Bio: This program is run by Bendigo Community health services and they offer support for people at all levels ranging from questions, to free medical appointments, free contraception and sanitary products, and can provide either a male or female GP for a consumer to see.
Contact Number: 5448 1600
Address: 165-171 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo.


Bio: This organisation provides information on health across the board below we have highlighted some information on LGBTQIA sexual health


Reach out:
Bio: This organisation provides lots of information and resources for young people including but not limited to information on romantic relationships, sexual health, and consent. Highly recommended for information.


LGBTIQ+ Health Australia:
Bio: This organisation often partners with other organisations to help them develop inclusive practices, because of this they have lots of great information online for LGBTQIA+ people.


Youth Central:
Bio: This organisation provides lots of information on preparing for being sexually active, and on peoples rights, as well as just how to have a healthy respectful relationship.


1800 Respect:
Bio: This organisation was founded to support people who have experienced sexual assault or family violence and are seeking support, they offer a 24/7 hotline as well as a 24/7 web chat option.
Contact Number: 1800 737 732
Sexual Assault Crisis Line:
Bio: This organisation aims to assist people who have experienced sexual violence and they attempt to eradicate violence in all its forms.
Contact Number: 1800 806 292


Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic:
Bio: This organisation provides provides testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, it also provides lots of information around safe sex and who to contact if you’re looking for support.
Contact number: 1800 032 017
Address: 580 Swanston Street, Melbourne