Freeza Iso-Bop, online gig!


Local Freeza Committee (Eight Metre Speaker) are looking for musicians aged 12-25 to video record themselves/ band playing their original or cover tracks to submit for an online event, Freeza Iso-Bop!


Artist will be paid in the following categories:

  1. Solo act: $75 cash
  2. Duo act: $150 cash
  3. Band (3 or more members): $200

Creativity and originality and will be more highly considered in selecting entries over production quality. You don’t need a flashy camera to submit a great track! You can use any type of camera – mobile phone, tablet etc.

To download your entry form, please click the link below 🙂

For more information please get in touch with:

Jodie- Youth Activities Officer
ph: 0429 421 214